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The Top 12 Reasons Event Coordinators Can’t Wait To Book Scott Cantrell & Why You
MUST Hire Him For Your Next Event!

  1. You want a young energetic speaker with fresh ideas that will engage and excite your audience.
  1. You want a presenter that leaves behind positive lasting results for the group.
  1. You want to keep your group on the edge of their seats listening, learning, and letting themselves enjoy the presentation.
  1. You know your group has more potential and want a speaker to bring out that peak performance in each member of the audience.
  1. You want to see real measurable results from the speaker’s presentation that have a positive and lasting affect on the group.
  1. You want the process of booking and bringing in the speaker to be simple, easy, and completely stress-free.
  1. You expect the audience to take positive consistent action based on the speaker’s talk in order to achieve the desired objectives.
  1. You realize that a speaker’s primary purpose is to persuade and influence a group to action and change in some way that is beneficial for the organization, and you expect the speaker to accomplish that.
  1. You want a speaker who will do his homework and study your group’s situation to be sure the information presented is relevant and the most beneficial for the group.
  1. You expect the presenter will share a ton of real world information and techniques that will be practical, applicable, and easily used by the group.
  1. You want a speaker to be honest and provide the best result for your event even if that means he refers you elsewhere because he is not 110% sure he can help you achieve the exact results you want.
  1. You want a speaker who will stand behind his presentation and offer so strongly he is willing to do what most do not and offer a complete 100% money-back guarantee on his services even if he has never had to use it before.



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