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Nelson Griswold

Nelson Griswold

Nelson Griswold is the insurance industry’s recognized authority on cross-selling and solution-based selling.  

A former senior executive and top producer with a national benefits firm, Nelson founded Cross-Sell Solutions to help insurance sales professionals succeed at cross-selling. Nelson consults with brokers, agencies and carriers to help them increase their revenues and market penetration with cross-selling. 

Nelson’s proprietary Advisory Selling® system is a consultative sales system for the insurance industry that eliminates objections from the sales process, taps into the client’s emotions to accelerate the sales cycle, and elevates a salesperson into the client’s “trusted advisor.” 

His innovative approach to cross-selling is the result of Nelson’s own real-world, trial-and-error search for success cross-selling benefits. After analyzing the attitudes and cross-selling efforts of hundreds of brokers, from those who refused to cross-sell to those who were highly successful, Nelson took the methods and strategies of the most successful brokers and synthesized them into his own system for cross-selling that turned him into a top producer. That proven system is the basis for the Cross-Sell Solutions System. 

Nelson is a featured speaker at industry conferences and trade events and serves on the faculty of Norvax University, the NAHU-endorsed national broker training program. Nelson is the author of numerous white papers and his articles have appeared in leading industry publications. His ground-breaking article “Four Steps to Cross-Selling Voluntary,” published in the March 2008 Benefits Selling, introduced the industry’s first-ever systematized approach to help brokers cross-sell worksite voluntary benefits and remained for over a year in the Top 10 Most Read articles on the magazine’s website.  

Scott Cantrell

Scott Cantrell
Senior Consultant

As Senior Consultant with Cross-Sell Solutions, Scott Cantrell works with Nelson Griswold to provide brokers, agencies, carriers, and other insurance industry vendors with comprehensive and customized sales and marketing strategies. 

Not only does Scott work to develop the most complete sales and marketing programs, he also helps integrate them into the organization through detailed and interactive training and evaluation.  This interaction with senior management, line managers, producers, and sales reps alike is what makes Cross-Sell Solutions so effective at producing significant, positive results.     

Cantrell has a rich background as a professional communicator, trainer, and strategic marketer.  For years, he’s worked as an independent consultant across industries taking the best practices from one industry and successfully applying them in others.  His focus as well as that of Cross-sell Solutions is to work with a client to determine their current, specific situation and then develop a detailed plan and system to achieve the client’s vision and goals as efficiently as possible.    

The author of numerous marketing articles and White Papers and the acclaimed “Business Building for Brokers” marketing system, Scott serves as a faculty member for Norvax University, the NAHU-endorsed national broker training program, and is a frequent presenter at industry trade events.