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Scott Cantrell

About Scott &
Real World Magic

In the past ten years, more than 1100 audiences have been engaged, inspired, educated, and entertained by Scott’s dynamic, high-content, and customized presentations.   His primary goal is to leave his audiences and clients with the real-world information and tools they need to produce long-lasting results!

With each presentation he gives, Scott empowers his audience members to become more productive so they can and will achieve their professional and personal goals.  By presenting applied and proven concepts regarding success principles, marketing strategy, and self-management, Scott always leaves his clients with a variety of tips, techniques, templates, etc. they can immediately implement into their own lives and businesses.

Scott is not just another talking head lecturing to a group of bored conference attendees.  Through his unique and many times entertaining talents along with his relaxed stage presence, Scott is able to connect with each individual and create memorable visuals to drive home key concepts and principles from his programs. 

Scott Cantrell SpeakingAnd even at his young age, Scott has gathered a vast amount of experience working as a professional entertainer and professional speaker as well as being an entrepreneur and marketing consultant and strategist.  By working with numerous organizations, corporations, and associations, Scott has refined his skills both as an entertaining and engaging presenter as well as a sales and marketing expert.

His focus on each group he is in front of combined with his creativity in delivering essential keys to success along with his youthful energy make him one of the most enjoyed speakers at the events where he presents.


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