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How To Choose The Best Speaker
For Your Upcoming Event

The Three Questions That MUST Be Answered When Choosing A Professional Speaker For Your Event:


Can this presenter achieve the goals that need to be achieved?

Each program Scott presents is designed to meet the specific outcomes the event organizer wants to achieve for the audience.  He takes time to speak with the key people accountable for the event and prepare his presentation to meet and even surpass the desired results.  Also, Scott will only accept an invitation to speak if he is 110% sure he can be effective for the group he is presenting to. 

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Does this speaker have a proven track record of producing positive results from his/her presentations?

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Scott is known for delivering real-world information that each audience member can take away and immediately implement in their businesses, careers, and lives.  He is careful to avoid theoretical information that may or may not work.  As someone who is a business owner, active in many industries, and still has a life to lead, Scott understands the key issues that plague the majority of people in today’s fast-paced world.


Is he/she professional and still easy to work with?

Scott realizes the importance being professional in all that he does and with everyone he interacts with before, during, and after an event.  That said, he also knows how important it is that he is very easy to work with.  In keeping with that, Scott has a simple three step booking process he consistently gets complimented on. 

Scott’s Simple Three Step Booking Process

  1. Contact Scott To Discuss Event & Availability.
  2. Communicate With Scott To Determine Specific Outcomes For The Event.
  3. Confirm Any Necessary Event Details.

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