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Marketing Services

If You’re NOT Working Everyday To Produce One Or More Of These Results, Then You Are Losing Enormous Opportunity To Grow Your Business
& Become Much More Profitable!

Here Are The Seven Profit-Driven Core Results You Should Be Focused On:

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Announcing Scott’s 8-Week Marketing Action Plan Program

Every single presentation or consultation Scott delivers, he works to improve one or more of these seven results.  In fact, Scott has created an 8-week comprehensive marketing program called The Marketing Action Plan (MAP) Program that will take your business through to significantly improve each of these key results. 

The MAP Program is conducted on 8-week cycles and is limited to only 15 businesses.  Investing in this program is a very valuable alternative to losing substantial profits, missing huge opportunities, and seeing your business constantly struggle to grow. 

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Scott’s Marketing Services

***Scott is also has limited availability to personally consult one-on-one with individual professionals and businesses.  

Scott's Marketing Services Include:

Marketing Inventory & Physical Assessment
Scott will personally conduct a marketing audit of sorts for your business.  With this thorough analysis you will be able to see where your weaknesses and opportunities are so you can best prevent lost opportunities and become more profitable.  Scott will also provide you with a list of quick-fix items that you can instantly change or correct to increase client and sales numbers as well as improve your marketing efforts and ROI.

Marketing Plan Creation
By creating a comprehensive marketing plan, Scott will provide you with virtually all the information you need to make intelligent marketing decisions based on what you want your business to achieve.  Without a solid and up-to-date marketing plan, you simply cannot be as effective with your marketing dollars as you would with a clear and detailed plan.  Imagine being able to not having to guess about your marketing.  Having a carefully written and strategic plan will give you that peace of mind as well as exact blueprints you need to take your business you want it to go.    

Website Design & Development
Today more than ever, every business must have a web presence.  And not even just a web presence is really enough.  A business’s site must be an integrated multimedia tool used for specific purposes to inform potential clients and customers, to generate leads, and even to make sales.  Scott works directly with professional web builders to produce designs are focused on giving you a professional looking site and maximizing your expert image while also making them functional and simple enough that your prospects can easily use your website as you want them to.

Strategic Marketing & Promotional Campaign Design
Developing creative and effective marketing and promotional campaigns is a project that many business owners despise.  Scott, however, not only enjoys it but also has the necessary skill sets to produce powerful campaigns and promotions.  While Scott has a variety of abilities, he specializes in direct mail campaign creation, direct response ad design, and in developing creative sales promotions. 


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